Merchant Pricing and Discount Program

Merchant pricing and discount program are inescapable when processing digital payments. However, iPOS helps SMBs and government agencies control the costs of processing debit card payment transactions. With our solutions, you’ll operate profitably while providing customers with the payment options they expect. Our merchant pricing and discount are available on all of our terminal hardware devices.

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iPOS Merchant Pricing & Discount Program Benefits

There are several benefits to the options you get with iPOS terminals and software.

Cover Processing Costs

Multiple Payment Methods

Generate Additional Revenue

Industry-specific Fees

How Our Program Works

iPOS gives you more control over payment processing fees. For example, you can add a fee to a transaction when the payment is made using a PIN debit card. The merchant fee mitigation program can be configured in the STEAM settings as either a rate or a flat fee. It can also be set to apply to all debit sales or only to those transactions where cash back is requested. When the merchant fee is set to apply only to debit transactions with cash back, it is referred to as a “merchant fee cash back only” feature, meaning the merchant fee will only be activated when customers request cash back as part of their debit transaction.

It’s vital for merchants to be aware of how they can eliminate merchant fees how they can be configured in a payment processing system. By understanding these options, you can make informed decisions about how to set up your payment processing system in a way that best meets your needs and helps you to minimize overall processing costs.

True Cash Discount

Become a Partner

iPOS has more than 30 years of industry expertise in payment solutions. We are committed to continual innovation and tailoring solutions to your needs. We offer a profitable partnership with structured margins and provide marketing, deployment, installation, and ongoing support that our partners can share with their customers to build long-lasting relationships.