Multi-Tender Payment Processing

Multi-tender has gained popularity throughout the global economy as payment processing has advanced. The ability to use several payment methods for one purchase transaction gives your customers enhanced flexibility and can help drive shopper loyalty.

Merchants who accept payment cards can use these transactions to enhance customer experiences. For example, multi-tender transactions can make it easy for post-holiday shoppers to use gift cards and other forms of payment, such as cash, debit, and credit cards.

Key benefits of iPOS Systems’ multi-tender payment processing include:

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How Multi-Tender Payment Works

Your system verifies multiple cards just as when accepting a single card as payment for the sale. If using gift cards, users must know the amount of tender available on the card for successful processing. Customizable POS solutions are the best tool to accept multi-tender payments as these solutions can be tailored to include processing fees, gratuity, and more.

Using iPOS Systems’ software, patrons can select transaction amounts when splitting a purchase to ensure that each card’s charge leads to a successful transaction. In addition, flexible payment methods are a great way to build your business by meeting customer expectations for the freedom to pay as they prefer. Multi-tender features are available for all Dejavoo terminals, gateway, and cash registers.