Contactless Payments Made Easy With Tap to Pay Technology

Tap to pay (TTP) technology instantly turns a merchant’s smartphone or tablet into a contactless point of sale (POS) terminal that can receive payments. Customers can use their mobile wallets or contactless cards with speed and simplicity. iPOS can seamlessly convert your Android phone equipped with near-field communication (NFC) technology, into a POS device with tap to pay technology.

Become A Partner

With over 30 years of industry and payments experience and a commitment to continual innovation, iPOS is positioned to help partners achieve their business goals. We offer a profitable partnership with competitive margins and all the support you need.

Fast & Convenient Payments With Tap to Pay

Business owners and their customers need simpler, easier, and more accessible ways of paying and accepting payments. Payment innovations have developed rapidly as customers demand a touchless, cashless experience. Tap to pay technology is simple when deploying iPOSgo! app: Open the app, enter the sale amount, the customer taps to pay, and you send them a receipt via SMS messaging. Additionally, the iPOSgo! app allows for the manual input of transactions.

Scanning Made Simple

The increased use of smartphones and access to the internet has led to the massive adoption of quick response (QR) codes. Millions of people around the globe use QR codes. From buying coffee to purchasing a tie, QR codes are a quick and easy way to complete a transaction. iPOS has a built-in QR app in the software. Simply display the QR code and let customers pay from their mobile devices. Interested in implementing a QR code payment solution? Contact one of our experts today.

Mobile Wallets

Accepting mobile wallet payments has gone from an optional payment solution to an essential technology. A recent study by eMarketer shows that mobile spending will nearly double in the U.S. to reach $7,827 billion by 2026. The growth and popularity in consumers’ shift toward mobile wallets mean if you’re not implementing this technology, you’re falling behind the competition.

Mobile wallets use tokenization so when payment details are sent over NFC, they are encrypted to protect sensitive data. In fact, mobile wallet transactions are safer than carrying cash or cards. iPOS offers built-in contactless payment options to allow businesses to accept multiple payment solutions like mobile wallet payments. See how it works today by requesting a demo.

Tap to Pay Technology Empowers Businesses

With tap to pay and contactless payments, business owners can accept contactless payments without expensive and complex payment terminal upgrades. By removing barriers, tap to pay expands access to digital payment options. Additionally, TTP enables customers to make safe and secure contactless payments with a tap of their phone.

Conquer The Market

Deploy a convenient and suitable solution for accepting payments.

Eliminate Dongles

Accept all cards and mobile wallets with a mobile device.

Higher ROI

Open new market segments, lower operational expenses, and eliminate downtime.


Leverage a glass-based capture mechanism that is PCI-CPOC and EMV certified.

Reduced Chargebacks

Minimize risk with contactless EMV payments that offer chargeback protection.

Lower Interchange Fees

Control costs with contactless EMV transactions that qualify for lower interchange rates.

SDK for In-App Payments Integration

Our SDK allows in-app integration to enable card-present, card-not-present, and mobile wallet transactions on your Android apps. In addition, L3 certifications and PCI PTS Delta evaluations are already completed by iPOS, saving you time and money. Contact us to learn more.