Cloud Connectivity For Your Fleet of Terminals

The DeNovo cloud connectivity system can significantly impact how you operate and grow your business in the future. Accessing your data on the go helps to increase operational efficiency, allows for a fast check-out process, and improves the customer experience by streamlining transactions. Our cloud connectivity solution is perfect for busy retail and restaurant businesses and offer affordable scalability and enhanced security to help your system seamlessly grow with your business.

Versatile Cloud Connectivity Software

Maintain complete control over your operations with our easy-to-use management software.

Access Your Data Anytime, Anywhere

iPOS knows your time is valuable. That’s why we offer cloud connectivity solutions that enable you to spend less time tracking down the information you need to run your business. Access your critical data from any computer or cell phone with a web connection. You can forget about updating software manually – our connectivity solutions automatically keep you up-to-date with the latest software, eliminating downtime or data loss. Regardless of your business size, our back office system offers a suite of useful management tools and the iPOS support team helps you along the way.

Transaction Upload

View individual transaction details anywhere with an internet connection.

Digital Signatures

Easily capture and upload digital signatures in seconds.

Loyalty Backup

Collect and back up details useful for future personalized marketing.

Batch Notification

Receive automatic emails confirming settlements.


Automatically download software updates, leaving you worry-free.

Risk Management

Set risk flags for real-time notifications when metrics fall outside of acceptable levels.

Requests & Messaging

Request support directly from your payment device or mobile device in seconds.

Streamlined Ordering

Order supplies directly from your device with the touch of a button.

Remote Key Load

Avoid the hassle with our remote key encryption for PIN pads and terminals.

Reduce Costs and Help The Environment

Did you know that digital receipts save over 250 million gallons of oil, 10 million trees, and 1 million gallons of water annually? You can help cut back on environmental impact with the iPOS GoGreen digital receipt system. Our GoGreen solution saves you money by cutting back on paper costs and enhancing the customer experience by offering a digital receipt accessible from any mobile device.


Become a Partner

iPOS has over 30 years of experience and industry expertise in payment solutions. We are committed to continual innovation and tailoring solutions to your needs. We offer a profitable partnership with structured margins and provide marketing, deployment, installation, and ongoing support that our partners can share with their customers to build long-lasting relationships.