Custom Fees

At iPOS Systems, we understand that sometimes you need flexible fee fields in your POS software. We created intuitive solutions to include options that give you the flexibility to define fields for custom fees. Enabling you to add fields for custom fees can help recoup business expenses and help streamline your operations, accounting, and reporting.
Retail merchant custom fees

The Benefit of a Custom Fees Fields

Business growth isn’t a straight line. Navigating challenges and periods of growth sometimes means that you need to impose a short-term or fixed custom fee to all or some of your transactions. This can be easily completed using iPOS Systems software features.

Key Advantages of the iPOS Systems Custom Fee Feature:

Become a Partner

iPOS is committed to continual innovation and offers profitable partnerships with structured margins so our partners enjoy some of the highest ROI in the industry.

How It Works

Being able to easily configure your own custom fees can help your business offset the additional costs you might be incurring regularly or during high-volume times during your business cycle. The iPOS Systems’ custom fee feature is flexible and can be added to any or all types of transactions for the length of time you decide. Simply access the custom fee field from the settings menu and input the parameters into this custom field.

Offering Custom Fees That Suit Your Needs

iPOS offers simple , smart custom fee options to fit your specific business needs. Download our custom fee brochure to learn more.