Dual-Pricing Payments

Cash or Card: Let Your Customers Decide

Dual pricing has benefits for both you and your customers. A point of sale (POS) system that enables dual pricing allows your customers to take advantage of discounts  based on their payment choices. Additionally, your business can save on processing fees if you offer your customers a discount for paying with cash. On the other hand, you could offer your customers loyalty points when they use a payment card. This helps you track customer behaviors and preferences and use that data to market and forecast more effectively.

Key highlights of the iPOS Systems dual pricing feature include:

two guys paying for a meal

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How It Works

We created our software to offer flexible payment options. We work with our clients to develop features that they, and their customers, need. Our pricing feature allows you to establish transparent processes; hence, allowing your customers to choose the payment method that’s right for them. Some might enjoy saving a percentage of their purchase by paying cash while some might pay with a debit or credit card to earn extra loyalty points for a future purchase.

POS software that can be configured to accommodate dual pricing solutions needs dual pricing differentiation and calculations that can be complex in some settings. Some merchants take the cash value of their merchant and add a percentage to that to get the credit card price of their goods. No matter what logic you want to apply to your dual pricing strategy, we can help you create the calculations in your iPOS instance.