Force Transaction Update

Effective January 2019

There is a mandate that Force Transactions (iPOS TICKET transaction type) be disabled by Default. Please click on the following link Force Transaction Update 2019 to view the appropriate document for details and refer to page 605, section, “Acquirer Control of Force Post Transactions”.

iPOS Systems has addressed this new requirement in application version 20180828 and higher.

There will be a new parameter in CUSTOM called “Allow_Force_Transaction”. We are going to default it to OFF. If it is OFF and you try to run a TICKET, the terminal will check the database to make sure the authorization code exists for a Pre-Auth. If it doesn’t exist, the transaction will abort. If it is ON it will not check the database.

It is at the ISO’s discretion and liability to switch this parameter to ON. If you wish a merchant to be able to force transactions if auth code is not in the open batch from a previous performed authorization on the terminal.

Should you require any added information on this Transaction Update, please do not hesitate to contact us on 1.877.DJVOSYS (358-6797).