DTI Merchant Cash Discount Program

Every penny counts, and our program allows you to offset payment processing costs and improve your bottom line. iPOS Systems offers a solution integration that helps our customers compliantly manage programs that provide customers a discount when they pay with cash.

Cash Discounting Program

Program Benefits

Giving customers the option of a discount for paying with cash can inspire customer loyalty while maintaining higher margins. More cash payments also mean more instantly available funds and an improved cash flow. However, the most significant benefit is cost savings. You can accept digital payments without cutting your profits when you add a service fee to all sales and discount it for cash customers at a rate close to your payment processing fees.

Some key highlights of the iPOS Systems cash discount program include:

  • Detailed reporting on fees, taxes & tips

  • Discount prominently displayed on terminal & receipt

  • Compliant with all major regulations

Become a Partner

iPOS is committed to continual innovation and offers profitable partnerships with structured margins so our partners enjoy some of the highest ROI in the industry.

How Our Program Works

Since 2015, iPOS Systems’ cash discounting program has helped merchants save money and delight their customers. This feature integrates seamlessly with DeNovo’s back office reporting functions to show detailed reporting for all cash discounts. In addition, there is no bypass option, so if the fee is refused, the transaction can be canceled quickly. We also encourage our users to display cash discount notifications prominently across multiple locations, such as menus, near registers, and on price books where applicable, to manage their programs compliantly.

For merchants to be compliant with the cash discounting rules, it is imperative that items are marked with list price (card price) not the discounted price.